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OCZ and SandForce SSDs: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After months of problems, BSOD, dead disks, RMA Everywhere, SandForce has finally released a fix that ensures a 100% solution of these problems for SSD controllers based on SF-2200. The cause of this problem is a bug in the firmware of the controller, although the few details about the real causes, in fact the only information available is the error description that solves the firmware at the download time.

OCZ has been testing in its secret labs this update for the last three weeks and believes it is ready for public distribution. At the same time, SandForce is sending the firmware to their partners (Corsair, G. Skill, etc.), so if you do not have an OCZ drive, you should contact your manufacturer to download your hard drive firmware update (2.15 for OCZ drives, and 3.3.2 for drives using SandForce nomenclature).

We hope this new update closes a long chapter of errors and failures and that this new version does not cause more problems than it tries to solve.

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