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O2media MR5000 Review

On paper, the O2media MR5000 looks like a pretty decent media centre. It has a built-in Freeview tuner for watching and recording digital TV, as well as an SDHC card reader, a VFD screen and a well-designed hard-drive loading system. It looks promising, but how will the MR500 stand up to our product test?


Compatible with a wide range of media formats

SDHC card reader

DTS decoding

Digital TV tuner

Fast start-up


Poor-quality interface

Doesn’t display album covers / Only MP3 tags compatible

Slow, unresponsive

USB disconnection issue

Network transfer speeds


The digital TV tuner does the bare minimum. The interface is basic and unattractive, and certain options and services are notably missing. However, it’s a decent enough mid-range product. Let’s just hope the manufacturer gets a little quicker with its firmware updates.
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