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NZXT Duet SECC Steel/Aluminum HTPC Mid Tower Desktop Computer

NZXT Duet SECC Steel/Aluminum HTPC Mid Tower Desktop Computer

Price: $74.99


Introducing the Duet, the perfect balance of cooling, design and size. The duet allows for dual use as an standard tower or a home theater pc. With two standard 80mm fans, it allows ample cooling for all mid range systems.

NZXT Duet SECC Steel/Aluminum HTPC Mid Tower Desktop Computer Case (Black)



  • Fits Full-sized ATX Motherboard and Power Supply
  • Dual positioning, vertical or horizonal depending on home setup
  • Supports all Video cards less than 8″ in length
  • One internal 3.5 drive and dual 120mm setup or Three internal 3.5 drives and no 120mm fans
  • Duel use vents for cooling or expandibility, install either dual 120mm fan capability or dual hard drives

User Reviews

Got all the parts into mine with no problem. The power supply installation was no problem on my end, as mentioned in another review, just need to use a magnetized screwdriver(Which is something any computer builder should have anyway with all the screws).

The case looks nice, and is big enough to fit a full ATX board, which is unusual for a HTPC case. That was why I went with this one, for future upgradeable capacity. Space was a little tight in there, but that’s to be expected. The specs mention that it will only accommodate an 8inch video card at most, so I went with a smaller one, but I think I could have fit an inch or so more in there. It really depends on how much space your power supply wires take up, since that is what is up against the PCI-E slots.

The front panels feel very solid, and I like that the CD-rom drive cover door has a device so it opens slowly instead of just falling down. This case also has room for 3 extra fans, an 80mm and two 120mm’s. So, if you’re looking for maximum cooling, be sure to pick those up too. The tool-less drive installation is a good feature, so much easier than screwing everything in.

The cons of the case are only one spot for a hard disk drive, they say you can mount two more over the openings for the 120mm fans on the side, but that seems like a strange solution. Also, the connector for the front panel LED was two wires together, while my motherboard had two connections slightly apart. Solved by just not plugging it in, so I have no power light, but apparently some mobos have them together and some spaced apart, just thought I’d give a heads up to people since its not noted in the specs.

I won’t resort to insulting non-Americans or claiming the case is missing parts like other reviews. There are only enough screws for a micro-ATX board, I think, but leaving out one on a regular ATX won’t hurt. Also, there are no fans missing, they are expansion fan slots so you can add more if you desire. I’d rather have the spots for more fans built in, but them not included, than to not have any extra slots at all. Especially for an HTPC, where fan noise is key. — Good HTPC With Options For Future Upgrades

I received my NZXT Duet HTPC Mid Tower today and though I did read the previous negative review, I just dismissed it as an isolated incident. Boy, was I wrong!
The shipping of the item was pretty smooth other than Amazon had no idea when it was going to ship from where ever this garbage ships from. The date kept changing and also it wasn’t going to be here until the end of July but arrived on July 20th instead. That’s positive, right? Wrong!!

Upon opening the Amazon box that it was double-boxed in, I could here tons of things rattling around inside. Not a good sign. The item box was covered in an inch (slightly exaggerated but you get my point) of dust or is that rat posion….Hide my cats!!! One of the sides of the box had been ripped open by either mis-handling or a box cutter. I took out the tower and it was clear that something wasn’t right. Cosmetically its a very attractive case and true to the pictures on Amazon. That’s where the luster stops. The front panel removes so that you can work on building your HTPC but one of the pins that attach it to the main body was busted clean off and was floating around the inside of the case! This wasn’t a reason to send the item back as I fixed it with a few drops of Loc-Tite(mad props to you except when I glue my fingers together!) but still for something “NEW” this shouldn’t be an issue.

I opened the side panel and found an EMPTY “zip-loc like”(gotta be careful in a world thats law-suit crazy!) bag attached to the main frame of the tower. The zip part was closed but the bottom of the bag was ripped open and all the screws for the item were rattling around in the main body of the tower. Every little nook and cranny had stuck or sliding around screws in them. The adhesive (what!?!) pads that act as case feet were also amongst the loose parts and at first I counted only 3 out of the 4 present. I figured that was part of the English lesson that didn’t get taught to the foreign assembler due to keeping manufacturing costs down. Upon taking the whole case apart I did at last find it lodged in one of the bays. Apology? NOT!

Attempting to install the power supply takes the fingers of a 4 year old to screw it down. Probably no problem for the assembler since they are 4 years old but for a 30+ something True Blood(hey I like that show!) American with meaty pork-chop hands it was a task to say the least.

After all that was said and done, the case, though it is a finger-print magnet, looks fine. Though it is a mid-tower, it doesn’t leave any room for error. It is deep but it isn’t very wide. The power supply is mounted behind the main front panel and not in the back like most PC’s. The extension cord (oh brother! This looks like a Home Theater fire waiting to happen!) that ties between the power supply and the back input isn’t very long and was a chore to install.

I’m not sure of what Amazon’s quality policies are, but something like this if packaged by them shouldn’t have left the building like Elvis did, unless they had some young punk with his i-Pod turned all the way up, it was clear to hear that something wasn’t right inside the box and should have been put aside until it could have been made right. Once again dealing with junk from other countries has left the consumer less than satisfied and my $[…] has gone to build another anti-American, pro-Communist China (Wake up, people!) weapon. Then again if this had been Made In America it would have cost $[…] due to the fact that the Union shop it’s made in would have to have another month off along with profit sharing in a bankrupt America and I would still only have the same glued-up, passed by the drunk, quality control inspector, piece of crap that I have now, only I didn’t get paid to fix it, Fork Yu did. — Too many things wrong to label one issue…

I purchased this case for a HTPC I am building. Several reviews I read made mention of several areas of concern which included missing screws and parts. I dismissed them as being the exception rather than the norm. I was very mistaken.
After waiting 2 weeks for the case to arrive, I was disappointed to find that indeed, a case screw was missing (not a big deal, internal fans were missing, and to top it off, the front panel hinge was broken. All this on what was supposed to be a new case!
I would strongly recommend choosing another case, as quality control is a foreign term to NZXT.

Amazon’s customer service was very friendly and very quick to RMA the case and issue me a full refund. — Very Disappointed

I took my old Dell Dimension desktop and put it into this case. The case is nice for the $80 price. It is pretty tight inside. I had to replace the existing fans with larger ones on the side mounting points because the motherboard would hit the back mount. This is a Dell specific issue though (and there are a lot of Dell specific issues like non standard connectors). The front of the case is aluminum and has a nice heavy feel to it. — Nice case for the price

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