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NuVision Lucidium NVU55FX10LS 3D LCD HDTV Review

Price: $6,999 At A Glance: Refined, engaging picture • Compromised LED dynamic edge lighting • 3D resolution not full HD (at press time)

Going Upscale With 3D

Unless you’re a regular reader and recall our review of the Lucidium NVU55FX5LS HDTV (Home Theater, April 2010), you may not have heard of NuVision. The company keeps a relatively low profile in an attempt to build a reputation as a connoisseur brand. It sells primarily through custom installation channels, and all of its products come with a two-year warranty and a two-day on-site, nationwide service program.

But 3D calls, and no self-respecting manufacturer can afford to overlook it. The NVU55FX5LS is determinedly 2D, but the new Lucidium NVU55FX10LS adds 3D to the mix, along with a few new technical wrinkles. As with the Lucidium NVU55FX5LS, the FX10LS comes in three sizes: 40, 46, and 55 inches. We received the 55incher for review.

Type: LCD
Screen Size (diagonal, inches): 55
Native Resolution: 1080p
3D: Yes
HD Tuner(s): ATSC, QAM (cable in the clear)
Backlight: Edge-lit LED
Wall Mount or Stand Included?: Stand
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches):  50.9 x 31.9 x 11.8 (with stand);  50.9 x 30.3 x 1.5 (without stand)
Weight (pounds):  55.6 (without stand); 67.3 (with stand)
Price: $6,999 (includes BD player and two pair of 3D glasses; extras $149/each)

Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.4 (4), component video (1), composite video (1), PC D-sub 15 (1), antenna/cable (1)
Audio: Stereo analog (2), VGA audio
Additional: NuControl port (RJ-45)
Outputs: Video: Composite video (1)
Audio: Optical digital (1), coaxial digital (1), stereo analog (1), headphone (mini jack)
Additional: Service, 3D charge (for NuVision 3D glasses)


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