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NOFAN CR-95C: a silence that worth its weight in copper

FanlessTech does not just to market completely silent computers in a more than reduced format, the company also targets the cooling systems for CPUs with its NOFAN CR-95C.

This piece of solid copper, will delight not only the fans of silence as well the traffickers of this metal that became precious. FanlessTech believes that its radiator is able to accept processors with thermal envelope that does not exceed the 100 Watts.

The idea is not new and it is now possible to find coolers of this type on the market. The difference (and certainly one of the weaknesses) of the solution is that the FanlessTech NOFAN CR-95C does not seem able to accommodate a possible “in case” fan. Which can be problematic on a summer day, for example with an outside temperature of 90 degrees…

Nevertheless, the CR-95C NOFAN should make its appearance around the month of June. Until then, you will have saved enough to pay you a pound of copper yourself.

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