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Noah Company MediaGate GP-IR02BK Remote Control

Noah Company MediaGate GP-IR02BK Windows Vista Home Premium and

Price: $24.99



Control your Set-Top Box with this Remote Control The receiver also has (2) IR Ports and includes (1) IR emitter that emits a signal that will allow you to control your set-top box with this Remote Control at the same time. 2 in 1 Function! Pefect for Media Center PCs with Satellite Set-Top Box Users!

Noah Company MediaGate GP-IR02BK Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate MCE Remote Control, 2 Channel IR (Black)



  • Windows Vista Certified Media Center MCE Remote Control
  • For Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate

User Reviews

I only dinged them twice, once on ease and the other on quality and both for the same thing. The silly IR stick-on doesn’t, it keeps falling off the cable box. I am using this on a DirecTv box so that Windows 7 and Windows Media Center will continue working. I had Comcast but when they scrambled everything and insisted I have a box for every set, including the computer and that shut down Media Center’s functionality. Comcast, after several hours on the phone and a visit to the Comcast “specialist” at Best Buy, told me there was no way to use Media Center and the box. DirecTv said yes, and had the instructions posted (this should work with Comcast’s box as well).

Note: it works fine with Windows 7 — IR Blaster saved Media Center

I bought this knowing I wouldn’t ever use the remote. I’m glad too because the first time I fired up the remote, I hit the Microsoft button and my Xbox came on. I didn’t want that to happen haha.

Anyway, I bought this for the IR receiver. I have a Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control – Refurbished and I wanted to be able to control XBMC on my Windows 7 based Home Theater PC. I plugged this in and added the device on the Harmony software as a generic “Media Center PC” and started mapping my keys.

The receiver has been great. I can’t comment on the remote because I don’t use it at all… But the receiver has a nice range to it. I hate how the Xbox 360 needs you to be pointed almost directly at it. This one doesn’t have that problem… I don’t have to worry about dead on remote pointing so much.

So yea, I give it 5 stars because I don’t have to deal with the remote at all and I didn’t purchase it. I suggest EVERYONE buy a Harmony remote instead of buying separate remotes over and over. It will be your best purchase. — A great IR receiver for a low price.

Worked okay for the first 5 months. Volume buttons stopped registering on the remote. Probably bad buttons on the board. No drivers needed in Windows 7 and wmc works fine with it. — Decent, good ergonomics, but cheap

I was unable to get this remote/IR blaster to work with my windows 7 version of media center at all. There is no support of any kind from the manufacturer. No website, no email, and no instructions in the box.

It’s going back, and I’ll probably get a more expensive one from another manufacturer with the hopes that I won’t have to replace it every time Windows puts out a new O/S. — won’t work with windows 7

I have two of these, one for the living room and now one for the bedroom. I got two Dell hybrids with XBMC running on them using this remote to navigate the interface.



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