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nMedia HTPCKB-100: Wireless keyboard mouse and remote

It’s been a long time since nMedia had not released a new product. Or two, since the brand has added a case and a keyboard to its catalog, and it is the latter that interests us. Measuring 312 x 114 x 25mm, it embeds a multitude of features, starting with a 2.4GHz wireless connection. For the power, two AAA batteries are supplied with the possibility of charging via USB. Once the batteries are dead, since the bundle of batteries are not rechargeable.

If there are the usual keys of a keyboard in the middle, with shortcuts via the Fn key, the left embarks shortcuts for multimedia, with the management of tracks and volume, but also the arrows to navigate through the features of Windows Media Center, for example. Better pratical placement than the usual arrow keys.

On the right is the total orgy: a shortcut to the web browser, a key to close the current window and zoom buttons. There are also a wheel surrounded by left and right clicks, and over it there’s a giant trackpoint to move the cursor.

Finally, the top of the keyboard includes everything that relates to the TV, or almost, since the keyboard is also a remote control… Power and sound management are present, with the added shortcuts to the mail client, turn off the PC, and a charge indicator.

We’ll ends with the back, where we find the famous remote for the TV!

It’s target price is $55.

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