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NHT Super Zero 2.0 Speakers with Super 8 Subwoofer Review


Supersize Me!

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. – Mark Twain

Almost seventeen years have passed since a fledgling loudspeaker manufacturer in California dropped the big one on the audio industry. When it arrived on the scene, NHTs’ original Super Zero was laughed at by the upper crust of the high-end community who snickered amongst themselves “who would ever want to buy a pair of those?” After some hot shot rock ‘n roll reviewer with the balls to say they were good did just that; a lot of people did. Yours truly included. Multiple pairs to be exact. With two subwoofers to make things a lot more interesting.

The folks at NHT have undergone one hell of an interesting journey to get to this point; and we would be lying if we said we were not happier than a cruise missile over Tripoli that the company has stuck around to drop yet another bomb on the world of loudspeakers. Say hello to my little friend; the NHT Super Zero 2.0.



•Delicious sound quality for $99
•Superb design for $99
•Super 8 subwoofer is ridiculously cheap
•Available only in black
•Ideal desktop loudspeakers
•Will force you to stop listening to low bitrate MP3s
•Can play seriously loud when you use the Super 8
•Will work everywhere except for large rooms
•You can actually afford these



•Subwoofer isn’t really optional
•Don’t have the super glossy finish of their more expensive siblings
•Will force you to stop listening to low bitrate MP3s
•Need good stands to sound their best
•Volume limitations in large rooms
•Require a decent receiver or integrated amplifier

If the NHT Super Zero 2.0s were $299, I’d say buy them. They are $99 each. Buy 5 of them and the Super 8 subwoofer and forget that we ever met. If you think you can assemble a better 5.1 system for under $800, you would be wrong. Highly recommended.

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