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Nexus Q was hacked again, this time the Android Ice Cream Sandiwch was installed

3.5 million online viewers followed the opening presentation of the Google I/O on June 27. And many are still trying to understand what exactly the Nexus Q do. Google says that the product is a “social streaming device”, but that does not define all the possibilities. So, many developers explore its potential in many different ways. And one of the most effective is hacking the product.

In order to┬áthe Nexus Q work (in theory), you need an internet connection, a smartphone or tablet with the latest version of the Android OS (4.1 Jelly Bean) and the player’s default Android for everything to work. However, on July 1, just four days after the presentation of product, it was hacked. Through the superuser permission tutorial of the device, the developer Jason Parker succeeded in modifying the characteristics of the Bluetooth functionality on the device, thus allowing the connection of a wireless mouse.

But progress did not stop there. Jason has further developed its modification, and was able to load a full version of Ice Cream Sandwich with the CyanogenMod launcher, which has support for mouse and wireless keyboard, making the product a kind of small connected station, allowing you not only play multimedia content, but also you can interact in a more practical and functional with the system and their online content.

Below is a video that shows the result of this modification.

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