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New Xbox Live Dashboard available from December 6

We have already mentioned some time ago on the new XBL update that since the E3 2011 HYPE had not been given an exact date for this release, but today Major Nelson confirmed that the new dashboard will come to our consoles on 6 December, obviously for free.

This new update brings major changes such as:

  • Information in the cloud and Xbox Live profile and Game Saves.
• Full integration of Facebook, share Achievements and games.
• Improvements in family settings.
• Integration of voice and gestures to access the dashboard options, as well as Apps, Music, Videos and Marketplace.
• Voice Search by Bing (Available this year for U.S., UK and CA).

No doubt great news for all owners of an Xbox 360. Here’s a video where we remember the updates that will come in 2 weeks.

1 Comment

  1. Thomas Bale says:

    I really dont like how Media Center and media streaming is now so hidden under ‘apps’ on the new Xbox360 Dashboard

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