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New TV Standards: WQHD, QFHD and UHDTV

After the first presentations of 4K and 8K ultra high resolutions, and their upcoming arrival to the mass-market, people had to name this new standard. After HDTV, HDTV 1080p, it will not surprise the name of UHDTV to be adopted to define the 8K TVs.

The UHDTV standard should define a TV capable of offering 33 megapixels (instead of 2 MP on 1080p TV). On our trip to the IFA, we discovered a prototype presented to the public of a Sharp TV  in cooperation with NHK. However, the SHV (Super Hi-Vision) standard  from NHK is still valid, but other more selective parameters were defined than the only definition of the screen, like the ability to stream audio tracks 22.2 (very far from the native Dolby Surround 7.1).

It should be noted that other standards are emerging as the Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) (2560 × 1440) and the Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) (3840 × 2160) which will land soon on our televisions by 2012 where Toshiba signed a first 55ZL2.

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