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New Popcorn Hour A-400 presented at IFA2012

Syabas started to renew its range of media boxes with the Popcorn Hour A-400 which beguns a new high-end dual-core chip, controled by touch pad and a case made in collaboration with Silverstone.


The Popcorn Hour A-400  is the first multimedia box built around the new high-end Sigma Designs SMP8911 chip. The two cores of the chip run at 800 MHz and provide support of Blu-ray 3D backups where the video is encoded in AVC/MVC. The increase in computing power should provide a smoother and faster interface of the jukebox system, the NMJ (Networked Media Jukebox).

The second major innovation is naturally the touch pad. The NMJ interface is now available on the Apple tab and allows you to view and launch music and videos.

The NMJ, in fact, has a few cosmetic changes and other things such as a more efficient management of TV series. An Android version application will be available on Google Play Store later this year. In both cases, iOS and Android applications will only be available for tablets, to the manufacturer smartphones do not offer a satisfactory display.

Finally, the A-400 also has a metal case in partnership with Silverstone, famous actor in the world of computer cases and cooling. PCH’s new baby is also very quiet because no fan is present in the box.

The Popcorn Hour A-400 will be available in late September at an MSRP of €289.

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