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New Lian Li PC-Q25 Case Review

Lian Li added a new mini ITX box format to its long list of boxes. The model is the PC Q25, which stands out for not having room for an optical reader, let’s say it’s a box designed to store our hard drives with multimedia content and either serve the rest of the house or connected directly to the TV in our living room.

Lian Li is sticking to the aluminum material that built this box. Its dimensions are reduced, with 199mm wide, 280mm high and 366mm deep. It weighs only 3.1 kg.

Aesthetically, its front is the most elegant we can find in the market, the box has a so clean design that does not includes USB ports, audio jack or other connectors, we will have to settle for the connectivity of the back of the motherboard.

But the really interesting is its internal capacity, supporting up to 7  3.5″ hard drives, five of which are hot-swap.

To storage so many hardrives, the base of the box is also used. With an adapter you can mount disks of 3.5 and 2.5 inches, but the eye will depend on the type of graphics card you got in the system, if is built in there will be no problems, but if you decide to set up a dual slot graphic card, the box supports up to 320mm graphics, there will be no space for more than 5 discs.

To facilitate disc replacement quickly, it has no side cover screws, it is clipped.

The cooling of so many disks falls into two fans, one 140mm front and a 120mm top, both with anti-dust filters. You can also find an anti-dust filter at the base of the box, so hard drives can take fresh air from outside.

The box also includes perforated rear PCI bracket for better air flow.

In conclusion, the box is compatible with ATX PSUs up to 180mm, but you must be careful with the choice, as in some analysis of this case, people had trouble placing a modular source, hitting the support of the hard disks.

Very interesting box, recommended for those who like this kind of aesthetic and needs space to store many terabytes.

I’ll leave you the manufacturer’s video which shows the most important details.

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