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New Korean HTPC Looks a Lot Like the Xbox 360

I’m pretty sure that many of you have at least once gone through one of those situations when you spotted a certain product and couldn’t help but think “Wow, that thing looks a lot like…” despite the fact that the two things you associated mentally had absolutely nothing to do with each other.

And, to some extent, this is exactly the case with the HTPC you’ll read about as follows, namely the MiNEW M11, manufactured by the Korean company Moneual, which looks surprisingly similar to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video gaming console, at least as far as the exterior design is concerned. Naturally, there are some differences, but just look at the photo… you can really spot the similarity too, can’t you?

The Korean ultra-slim form factor PC boasts an all-black body, with a couple of green areas, the most important being limited around the power button (which is one of the things that make it look like the aforementioned gizmo).

Anyway, the device in question is quite different from the gaming console in terms of hardware, since the MiNEW M11 comes equipped with an Intel Duo Core E6500 CPU running at 2.93 Ghz, accompanied by 2GB of DDR3 8500 RAM memory. Furthermore, the system also packs a GeForce GT220 with 512MB of VRAM from EmTek with HDMI out.

It’s interesting to mention that this ultra-slim gadget packs enough computing punch in order to run at a fairly good quality quite a few of the latest PC games, which makes it somewhat of a competitor to the Xbox 360. However, given the fact that the MiNEW M11 slim form factor PC from Moneual sells for the equivalent of around 620 US dollars just on the Korean market, it’s not likely that it will ever pose any danger to the much more famous gaming console (which is already rumored to be heading towards an upgrade of its own).

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