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New Kingstom SSDNow V200

Kingston announces a new SSDNow series, the V200. Using a new JMicron SATA 6G controller, they achieve the following flow rates:

– 64 GB: 260/100 MB/s read/write
– 128 GB: 300/190 MB/s read/write
– 256 GB: 300/230 MB/s read/write

It’s  far from saturating the SATA 6G interface and it’s just above the capabilities of the SATA 3G that goes up to 280 MB/s in practice. Kingston announced significant gains in AS-SSD compared to the V100 series, but with a score between 207 and 274 compared to 800 points of a Crucial M4 128 GB it is likely that random accesses are lagging behind even more higher than of a conventional hard disk.

The V200 should be distinguished from cons due to its price because it is advertised as up to 20% cheaper than the V100. This should position it at attractive pricing in GB. It will be available in single disc form, a desktop upgrade kit (with cloning software, a DVD with video installation guide, SATA cable, a Molex to SATA adapter and installation kit for 3″ 1/2 bay) or a notebook upgrade kit (with cloning software, a DVD with video installation guide and a USB external enclosure 2″1/2).

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