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New Boxee will have a TV tuner and digital recorder

The new Boxee box media center had some of its features released this week. Among them were highlighted two features: a tuner that will allow the user to access live programming from any TV station and a digital recorder built in, both absent from the Boxee Box sold today.

The information, based on the picture of the new device, were obtained by The Verge, through an unidentified source connected to the company. According to the publication, the equipment will continue to be manufactured by D-Link, but lose the rounded design that marks the Boxee Box, preferring a more sober appearance.

Also, according to the site, Boxee will make a campaign for users to change the pay TVĀ for broadcast television, with the motto “stop spending money on things you do not watch. “

The digital recorder will be accompanied by an application that enables you to see the recorded content on other devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Besides the two new features, the product will maintain the media center basic functions, including the ability of network connection and access to content on the web via browser and applications, especially video on demand.

With the equipment, you can turn the TV – even those who are not smart – into a connected device and access streaming movies, for example.

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