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New 1TB Solid State Disks by KingMax and OCZ

KingMax has just launched in Japan only for now, what could allow a SSD to storage. Indeed, this 2.5″ module with just 7 mm thick, offers no less than 1 TB of free space.

We do not know which memory is used, it is, at least, MLC type. The controller is also unknown, but it is the SATA II standard and can reach 250 MB/s read, 200 MB/s write and 20,000 IOPS write 4 KB and TRIM compatible.

It costs $1500.

After KingMax, this time OCZ launches also a 1 TB SSD, with a new variation to the Octane. A SATA III standard , the Octane runs a Indilinx Everest first generation controller, 512 MB ​​cache and MLC chips engraved in 25 nm. It can rise above 460 MB/s read and 350 MB/s write, with a 4 KB writing of 24,000 IOPS.

It supports TRIM, AES encryption and NCQ.

As always, with high-capacity SSD, the price will dictate the success or failure. On other words, it’s a $3000 issue.

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