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Nettop accessory must have: USB IR Receiver and Remote

nettop usb IR receiver
 USB Remote and Receiver – $14.85 (


So you’ve loaded up your shiny new nettop with your entire music collection, all of your videos.  You’ve got Boxee up and running, or perhaps just Hulu and Netflix via your browser.   You have the ultimate multimedia machine at your disposal.  It’s silent, tiny, and uses almost no power.  But wait, who wants to sit on the couch with a clunky keyboard and remote.


You need an infra red receiver and a remote control, and this one, for just under $15 is one of the best we’ve found.  Yes, it’s a Microsoft product, but hey make some darn good hardware!  Just plug the receiver into a spare usb port, tuck the small receiver somewhere out of site and you’re ready to go.


Trust us, this will be the best $15 you spend all week.


Windows 7 Vista XP Media Center MCE PC Remote Control & Infrared Receiver – $14.85 (


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