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Netgear Universal Push2TV: Wireless HDMI Box for PC

Netgear launched the Universal Push2TV, a wireless video transmitter unit to present the picture and sound of a computer (laptop or tower) to a TV via HDMI. Unlike others, the Netgear Push2TV does not require an Intel Wi-Di laptop compatible, it works with any computer running Windows (XP, Vista or 7).

The Universal Push2TV (Reference PTVU1000) consists of a USB dongle to connect to the PC, which will broadcast the image and sound to the wireless video receiver, that on the other hand, has an HDMI video output, analog (RCA) and digital (S/PDIF) audio output.

If Netgear notify the fact that it is possible to enjoy a 1080p Full HD, it does not extend to the audio. What about support for 5.1/7.1 LPCM, or DTS audio track-type and AC3 passthrough? We learn instead that this divice can wirelessly share music, pictures,videos and DVDs on the HDTV. This suggests that the Push2TV Universal can broadcast your DivX, DVD, MKV (up to 1080p) or videos from YouTube and DailyMotion, but does not support the streaming of Blu-ray, as opposite to Intel that offers it with its Wi 2.0-Di.

This unit has 2 year warranty, and is immediately available for $112 and comes with an HDMI cable. More information on the manufacturer’s website.

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