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Netgear Powerline Nano AV+ 500

Almost two times smaller than a standard powerline unit, the new -Netgear Nano AV+ 500 with female socket provides data rates up to 500 Mbit/sec, ideal for applications such as HDTV,  3D/HD video streaming and multiplayer online gaming. Based on the HomePlugAV and IEEE1901 standards, the XAVB5601 incorporates additional filtered jack, which allows to connect other electrical equipment and ensure optimum performance of the powerline network. With a Gigabit Ethernet port, it installs on any electrical outlet in seconds.

It includes a diagnostic function (Pick a plug LED), which via an indicator light on the front, automatically informs the quality of the powerline network on any electrical outlet. It also has a safety button “Push and Secure”, which encrypts the transmissions on the powerline network. Finally, to save power, it switches off automatically when the network is not used, and consumes less than 0.5W in standby mode.

The XAVB5601 kit includes two Nano powerline boxes and two Ethernet cables of 2 meters. It is available immediately at prices of € 79.90 (for body only) and € 129.90 (for the pack).

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