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NetGear NeoTV 350 and 550 Network HD Media Players

Netgear announces the new HNeoTV 350 and 550 D media player with network connectivity. Both the 350 and 550 NeoTV supports playback of 1080p HD media files, and supports most media formats, including XviD, DivX, MP4, MKV, AVCHD and Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio. NeoTV the 350 and 550 both have an SD card slot and a USB port for external storage, and offers the latest eSATA port.

There were also three Powerline adapters, including entry-level AV 200 XAVNB2001 Powerline Wireless Extender Kit-N supports 200 Mbit / s data rate, which XAV5001 Powerline AV 500 adapter (and XAVB5001 Kit) and XAV5501 Powerline AV Adapter + 500 (and XAVB5501 Kit). Both models offer 500-500Mbps transmission speed and AV + 500 under-filtered power outlet pass.

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