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NETGEAR NeoTV 350 & 550 Ultimate HD Media Players Officially Launching October 2010

There were early reports this past weekend that NETGEAR had introduced the NeoTV 550 HD Media Player, but no official announcement could be found on the site. As of yesterday, that changed. NETGEAR is officially announcing two new “flagship” media streamers to their AV Series product lineup. The NeoTV 350 and 550 Ultimate share the ability to play 1080p video with Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound, DLNA/UPnP network client streaming, and online content access. However, the 550 also provides an eSATA port for faster external storage file transfer speeds and Blu-ray disc support via an external USB or eSATA Blu-ray drive (most likely it will be able to handle Blu-ray rips stored on a USB drive as well). Interesting side note on pricing and availability… the 350 will only be available in Europe and Australia, while the 550 Ultimate will be available in the US, Europe, and Australia in October.

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