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Netgear launches new NeoTV Streaming Players and a Push2TV Miracast

Netgear announced today the renewal of its media players, the NeoTV and Push2TV. All of them have in common the super affordable price.

 Push2TV PTV3000

Actually, Netgear announces a new generation of its wireless video receiver, which brings support for Miracast (at least in its draft), following the announcement of the first certifications in addition to Intel WiDi. While its predecessor was compatible with some laptops, the PTV3000 can receive Full HD 1080p video and 5.1 audio for many laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Although it is more complete, it is much less bulky and twice cheaper. Now occupying the size of a credit card, it is three times smaller than its predecessor. It is now marketed retail price of $60, while its predecessor was launched at $140.

NeoTV, NeoTV Pro and NeoTV Max

The segment of media players are being matured for some time. The new generation of NeoTV has just minor changes this time, mainly ergonomic.

It is mainly the opportunity to Netgear respond to Roku, which has also renewed its range (reserved for the U.S. market), aligning the allocation and pricing:

  • NeoTV Streaming Player (NTV300): Ethernet, Wi-Fi n at 150 Mbps, video on demand services only for $50.
  • NeoTV Streaming Player Pro (NTV300S) inherits the WiDi management of the NTV200S, Wi-Fi n at 300 Mbps, audio and video analog outputs for $60.
  • NeoTV Max Streaming Player (NTV300SL): the same as NTV300S with the ability to read its own content from a USB storage, a microSD card or a DLNA server, support for 3D and delivery with of a double sided remote with full keyboard for $70.

The new NeoTV media players are now marketed in the United States.

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