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MythTV 0.26 is out

After only five months since the last release, there’s MythTV 0.26. This new version adds the ability to record and play TV from anywhere. Also fixes many bugs and brings minor improvements in various fields.

Notable changes include:

  • HTTP Live Streaming playback and recording
  • Conversion of internal times to UTC allowing smoother transitions around daylight savings changes
  • Several performance improvements to the UI
  • A greater number of translations (nine) are 100% complete for this release with a few more very near to completion. This number should grow by the time of the 0.26.1 point release.
  • The usual bug fixes and incremental improvements

A more complete list of changes and bug fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

The 0.27 version is on its way and has promised more exciting news.

You may download the MythTV 0.26 at

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