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MythTV 0.23.1 is Now Available

A new version of the popular open source DVR software MythTV has been released. This is a bugfix release from version 0.23.

From the MythTV developers’ announcement:

A recent bugfix required that we upgrade the version of the communication protocol used between the various MythTV components. In order to allow users to keep track of this change, we are pleased to announce that 0.23.1 has been released, which includes the [aforementioned] bug fix along with many others.

The emphasis is on many others. This release covers changesets 24509 through 25396. You do the math.. That is a lot of updates. The complete list of changes in both 0.23 and 0.23.1 can be found in the Release Notes on thier wiki.

MythTV users, head on over to download the latest version.

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