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My Media Center: A kid-friendly add-in for Windows Media Center

Programmer Martin Millmore released My Media Center, a kid-friendly interface for Windows 7 Media Center. At it’s first release, the design (and name) is a bit lackluster so it can’t truly be called kid-friendly at this point in time. Martin reasonably chalks the design up to this being the first release.


I can’t really make mention on using the application due to it not displaying any of my videos even after waiting overnight. It seems the MyMediaCenterController.exe application doesn’t want to run. I’ll play with it a bit more later today and update the post if successful.

Design and naming flaws aside, My Media Center looks like a nice option for Windows Media Center users who want to restrict or limit access to your media for little eyes.

My Media Center is a Windows 7 Media Center interface specially designed for kids. It has a simple easy to use interface, and it allows a you to set up filters on what can be watched so that your youngsters don’t accidentally start watching age inappropriate programs.

Key Features

  • Decide which channels, videos and DVDs are available to watch
  • Settings secured by PIN
  • All media items in a single list
  • Animated screens and exciting UI
  • Add videos and recorded TV to a playlist to set up a whole viewing session
  • Video previews
  • Can launch straight in to My Media Center, bypassing other media options
  • No option to accidentally delete precious videos

This is the first release, and the graphics need to be improved a bit yet, but download now for free from here and let me know what you think.



Source: The Green Button

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