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My HTPC Build

Here’s a movie of when I’m building my new HTPC. It’s put together in a time lapse movie.

The components in the HTPC are:

Zotac IONITX DE (Intel Atom N330)

Corsair XMS2 4096MB (800MHz) kit of 2×2GB

Panasonic UJ-120 (blu-ray)

WD GP 500GB 32MB harddrive

Compucase 8K01BS w. 100W’s PSU Fractal Design silent 60mm fan (not silent at all)

Razer Mako 2.1 6×50w channels Speakers

This movie has been created on that PC, just so I could test and see it’s performance. It’s playback on blu-ray movies is flawless with PowerDVD 9 (with CUDA). The screen I’m using is a BenQ G2420HD with 1080p. The cable is a dual-link dvi. The reason I’m not using HDMI is because I already had that cable, besides they are using the same video-signal.

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