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My 2011 HTPC Build From Spare PC Parts With Custom Case

This is my build for my living room so we can watch out home movies, search the web, or look at some pictures.

The stock computer was a equus nobilis p4.
This company went out of business so i couldn’t find any information about the computer online. I got it for 25 bucks though at a garage sale.

The stock parts were:

  • Pentium 4 Cpu
  • Intel motherboard (locked multipliers)
  • 512mb
  • etc…

The total cost for this project was 115 bucks so it wasn’t to expensive.
Although I did have to buy a dremel but I will be using it a lot!

What I did to the case was:

  • Sand off the paint and spray it with primer then black
  • Make holes for extra fans
  • Cut a hole in the side panel and glue plexiglass to it.

All the parts were either purchased from craigslist or tigerdirect.
The pc is running with linux mint with a 500gb external hd for all my files.

The HTPC features:

  • A custom case
  • Intel pentium 4
  • Intel motherboard
  • 512 mb ddr ram
  • Antec 480 watt psu
  • cd read write drive
  • 60gb hd
  • Ati radeon 9800 with zalman fan
  • custom cables
  • 4 blue led fans
  • ultra 4 channel fan controller

I hope you enjoyed this video which features a short demo of the fan controller.
Music is sonota in C

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