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Multilaser Internet Box TV: An Android computer on your TV screen

On this article, we highlight the  Multilaser Internet Box TV, a device that leads to the TV all the functionality of an Android computer, offering practicality and a new range of entertainment options.

Consumers have access to more entertainment on TV from the comfort of their living room. You can browse the internet, view photos and videos, edit files, watch movies from virtual stores (like Netflix), play games, listen to music, access Skype, YouTube and all the social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can enter the Google Play and download and have fun with the most diverse applications.

The Multilaser Internet Box TV comes equipped with a remote control with a QWERTY keyboard, which makes it quicker to search for web sites and typing of messages. This accessory also performs the function of mouse motion and pointer on TV follows the movements of who holds the control, putting greater interaction in games.

The Multilaser Internet Box recognizes the Wi-Fi or cable networks and can be plugged to the TV by HDMI or component video. The device also features 4GB internal memory, an USB connection and a SD card slot.

With a suggested price of $300 (until the end of October 2012), the Multilaser Internet Box TV comes with an HDMI cable, a user manual, the 2.4 Ghz remote control and an AC/DC dual voltage PSU.

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