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MSI Wind Nettop 120 Desktop – Black

MSI Wind Nettop 120 Desktop  - BlackPrice: $329.92





  • 1.6Ghz Intel Atom 160 GB Hard Drive 1GB RAM 1x SO-Dimm Slot 2GB Max Wireless b/g 4-in-1 Card Reader 6 x USB Ports 1 x D-sub 1 x LAN Windows XP
  • Super Multi DVD Tray(Burner)
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive, SuperMulti DVD Drive
  • SuperMulti DVD Drive
  • Box Contents – MSI Wind Nettop CS120, 65W Power Adapter. Software Bundle – Windows XP Home, 1-Year Limited Warranty

User Reviews

This case turned out to be a little bit bigger than I expected, but it still fit in the space I had allotted for it, so no worries. Other than that, putting the front face back on after installing the components was a bit of a challenge, but I think I was just having a slow moment (note: I didn’t read directions until after I had finished getting it together. If I had, it would have clearly pointed out what I should have been doing). I ended up putting a piece of electrical tape over the LED on the front because it was so bright, but that’s been true with every case I’ve bought in the past decade. I bought this to run a light duty web server and quasselcore. It does both perfectly. I had no trouble installing sidux […]so no complaints. — A little bigger than expected, but otherwise perfect

I came across this little computer when looking for a web server for a church of a little under a 1000 members. Having a dedicated server rather then renting hosting allows for a much richer set of capabilities. Since this setup only draws about 30 watts it is cheaper too.

This is the setup.
*2 gig ram
*2 – 500 gig green hard drives (the second drive is installed with an adapter kit in the DVD drive bay.)
*Ubuntu server hosting Durpal

Daily backups are automatic using Rdiff-backup backing up everyday to the second hard drive. Rdiff just backs up changes while compressing and saving the previous changes. This allows daily changes to the web page to be saved for years with out having to delete any.
After installing the operating system and setting up the network everything else can be done remotely. This leaves the Wind connected to just power and an Ethernet cable so it can be put in a closet or basement. The bios is set to reboot automatically after a power failure which it has done without problems. It runs cool and quite when set in the provided cradle with the cooling vents down.
Great Little Computer for Runnig Ubuntu Server

These comments refer to the Model 100 “Bare Bones” version.

Contrary to the printed instructions, the setup CD does not have the RealTek HD Audio Driver. In fact, the setup CD is titled “Server Drivers”. A search on the MSI website was no help.

Audio doesn’t work, so the 7.1 audio with it’s 8 connectors is useless.
The front panel CF Card Slot is also non-functional.

The internal CF card is unreachable, unless you take the motherboard out.
A slot on the side of the case would have been nice.

This unit runs hot so you will want to stand it on it’s end, with the vent on the bottom and the fan on top.

Received “Server” Setup CD

Purchased this last year, running it with Ubuntu 9.10 desktop as home network server. Hard drive is a full size WD 1TB Green model. All hardware detected and working well. System has been reliable. Graphic performance is below today’s standards so I wouldn’t recommend this computer for any video or home theater use. Office applications and even photo editing are fine.

The case is attractive and well made. It’s compact but will house a full size 3.5″ hard drive and full size 5.25″ optical drive. With a 5.25″ to 3.5″ adapter two 3.5″ hard drives would fit. The stock fan can get a little loud at times, it ramps up and down depending on the load. I modded the heat sink for a closer fit to the CPU, replaced the thermal pads with silver paste, and keep the optical bay empty. It’s located away from my desk so I can leave on 24/7 if needed. It has boot on LAN so I generally leave it off until needed.

If MSI would update the design with better graphics, DVI and HDMI video output, better cooling, and more memory expansion I would consider purchasing another one. — Good Ubuntu desktop or server – low graphic performance

Well, I should start out by saying that I didn’t really need the computer, it was actually just a project to occupy some time.

External power supply was a great idea, greatly reduce the over all bulk of the machine.
Liked the cable routing.
Easy to install all needed parts, the ram was a tight fit, but it went in.
Recognizes my 4Gb CF card.

No wifi card, I just got a USB card and use that instead.
Have to remove the mother board to install the CF card.

Really I have nothing else to say about it, I haven’t used it much. — Good product, didn’t really need it.


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