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MSI Wind Box DC100 & DC450 Nettop Computers Announced @ Computex 2011

Tablets, smartphones, netbooks and hybrids are not the only stars of the show  at Computex 2011. MSI has introduced two products that are not necessarily  portable, but are space-savers.

MSI has introduced its latest Wind Box DC100 and DC540 nettop computers, which offer  a compact space-saving design. While the DC100 was earlier announced at CeBIT,  MSI has added the new DC540 to its nettop collection, giving users a choice  between AMD and Intel processors.

The Wind Box DC100 features an AMD  E-350 dual-core accelerated processing unit (APU), which run at 18 Watts  power consumption, which offers a 70% power savings, compared with conventional  desktop cooputers. This comes in a 1-liter design, which means the nettop  computers has less volume than your large soda bottle. Meanwhile, the Wind  Box DC540 comes with an Intel Cedar Trail-D processor, and comes in a 4.7-liter  design.

MSI’s Wind Box series come shipped with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the  Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Pricing and availability have not been announced,  but expect these space-saving desktop computers to arrive 3rd quarter of  2011.



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