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MSI Builds HTPC Friendly Motherboard

MSI has announced its newest 740GM-P25 mATX board is available for pre-order and it looks to be a real winner in the HTPC market.

 Not all board solutions need to be top of the line to fulfill the demand users have in the market place. One of the growing markets as of late has been the HTPC field, and as such we see more and more entries from board makers across the world.

 The latest from MSI is based upon AMD’s 740 and SB710 Chipsets, with featured support for AM/AM2+ processors. Although it doesn’t list AM3 support it does come with core unlocking software so it should be available through a BIOS Update. Only two Memory slots are available, rated for DDR3-1333. Integrated on-board is a Radeon HD 2100 Graphics solution, Gigabit Ethernet Controller, 7.1 channel audio and six SATA 3GB/s ports.

 This should provide anyone who wants their own SFF HTPC with everything required. And if the on-board graphics aren’t up to spec the standard PCI-e 16X slot is available as well. Costing around $49 EURO’s the 740GM-P25 will come cheap, and with pre-orders being accepted it is only a matter of time before we see it on e-Tailer Shelves.

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  1. Silent says:

    In my company we have equipped a lot of Media Center PCs and Homeservers with Motherboards from MSI.
    In the last few years there was not a single defect with this boards.

    Highly Recommended!!

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