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MSI’s Mini HTPC Keyboard with Motion Sensing Mousing

HTPC fans will need to take a look at this new ultra compact keyboard with a fresh branding from MSI. The tiny text’er friendly keyboard is made to remotely control PCs and act as a mini keyboard, mouse and media remote. Sporting a wireless connection and USB interface the remote works like many of the others we’ve seen. Favorite contenders have added touchpads and trackballs to take the place of the mouse albeit somewhat clumsily or reverted to more full sized keyboards with no mouse. The MSI entrant has an accelerometer within that is able to turn the mini keyboard into an air mouse as well. Borrowing none of the precious keyboard real estate is a huge win. The all internal mouse interprets tilting the keyboard up and down, left and right as mouse movements. Left and right buttons are shoulder mounted on the keyboard, like the all too familiar game controllers they will like lie next to on your couch.

The wiley mouse acts as if it is being controlled by a laser pointer that is invisible to the naked eye. The accelerometer has made amazing strides replacing the sad gyroscope system that completely failed to take off, mostly due to the obscene amounts of power that gyroscopic systems consume. The mini keyboard commands a bit of a premium over other models at about $108 but anyone who really needs a seamless controller experience. Expect it to leave Germany for the rest of the planet in the coming months.

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