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The MC-1200 is a HTPC with HiFi dimensions and integrated 350W PSU. The modern design and the use of high quality components makes this HTPC case suitable for every living room. With the IR Remote Control you can easily control your media center software from your couch. The remote control supports MC software, e.g. are Windows Media Center 2005, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The case only has space for low-profile pci cards.


The case is equipted with a lila coloured 2-pin power supply cable that is only designed for motherboards that do not support power-over-USB while they are in disabled modus!


  • HTPC Case
  • Compatible with µATX motherboards only
  • Only low-profile cards are supported
  • 1x 5.25″ extern driver bay
  • Incl. 350W PSU
  • Comes with IR Remote control and IR Receiver
  • Front Audio & Sound
  • Wake on USB
  • Size: 343x420x103mm (LxWxH)


Download MC-1200 datasheet here


Tests and further information can be found here (GER):

  • Reviewcenter Online-Review , 10. January 2011
  • CHIP Magazine 04/10 –
    “Multimedia-Rechner im Eigenbau”, Page 86
  • c’t Magazine 02/10 –
    “Kompakte PC-Gehäuse im Mikro-ATX-Format”, Page 136

1 Comment

  1. Mat says:

    I have this case for a year and an half now.
    The integrated power supply is crap, too noisy.

    I decided to change it but it’s very very hard to find a silent power supply of that size (micro ATX if I’m correct)
    So I went for an external fanless power supply.
    my case has a Intel I3 (1st Gen), a gygabyte MB (can’t remember the model) and a nvidia GT430 (low profile & fanless)
    I used a big shuriken for the CPU fan plus a 80mm fan that extract the air from the bottom of the case.

    I don’t do any games at all.

    The case is now extremely silent.

    I still think it’s one of the best looking case but going for a low profile case is a pain in the ass. very difficult to find the right combination of component for proper cooling.

    I’d definitely recommend you to buy a motherboard with integrated graphics. So you can put an extra fan on the back (I can’t anymore, because of my GT430)

    also get an external fanless power supply (180w is more than enough).

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