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Mozilla Webian Shell 0.1 Full-Screen Web-Browser

Mozilla has just announced a new project called Webian Shell 0.1.

Webian Shell is exactly what its name says: a shell that runs over your current operating system, giving it a brand new, simple and easy to use interface and the ability to run web apps.

Mozilla Webian Shell 0.1

It’s basically designed for users who want an operating system where they can work completely inside the browser without having to use the features of the desktop.

You can download Webian Shell, although it’s very rudimentary at this early stage – just a Web browser, a clock and a basic desktop.

The open-source program is based on the Chromeless project and written entirely in standard web technolgies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The interface is quite minimalistic (but gives a modern smarthphone-like feel) with top navigation icon and a bottom home icon, “pinned tabs” and “add” icon.

Announcing Webian Shell 0.1


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