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Motorola NYXboard: HTPC Keyboard And TV Remote combined


Along with the progress of an internet TV such as Apple TV and Google TV, the presence of an HTPC Keyboard (Home Theatre PC keyboards) is increasingly needed. Motorola launch an HTPC keyboard and named NYXboard. Unlike other HTPC Keyboard, NYXboard can control the TV and Set Top Box like Apple TV so you do not need your TV remote anymore .


Motorola NYXboard as HTPC keyboard has two sides: one side looks like a regular TV remote, and another side is QWERTY keyboard for easy browsing on your TV. NYXboard has some sensors that can detect which side the active one so it will reduce the risk of the wrong button press. Motorola NYXboard will be launched in the end of 2010. Unfortunately, the price is still unknown. Let’s wait and see the progress.


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