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Moovida Media Center 2.0 Review

Moovida Media Center 2 is an application that provides an alternative to the Windows Media Center through which users may watch their favorite videos and movies, listen to music or watch online media content without having to use multiple software applications.

The interface of the application is user friendly providing an easy to comprehend and use layout for the browsing, playback and management of the media library.

Bookmarks may also be added to the media files loaded in the library and different types of organizing tools are also available.

Podcasts are also usable with Moovida Media Center as well as the possibility of listening to Last.FM online media content or to online radio streams.

Overall, Moovida Media Center proves to be a better alternative to the integration of multimedia files libraries and their playback than the default Windows Media Center found in newer versions of Windows.


Last Updated: 2010-12-05
License: Freeware
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Officially supported OS, may run on other OS)

Screen 1: Main display

Moovida Media Center Moovida Media Center

Screen 2: General Options

Moovida Media Center Moovida Media Center

Screen 3: Extensions Preferences

Moovida Media Center Moovida Media Center

Screen 4: Source Specific

Moovida Media Center Moovida Media Center


  1. Rod says:

    Great interface and will use as soon as Blu ray is supported.

  2. Moovida says:

    First of all thanks for writing about Moovida, we are currently launching a new improved version, I invite you to download on our website.

    Join our community and share with us:

    Or follow us on twitter:)
    @ Moovida

    Thank you very much
    Team Moovida

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