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Moneual 932SB2C Home Theater PC – Chrome


Moneual 932SB2C Home Theater PC - ChromePrice: $2,145.18


Each powerful, hand-crafted 932SB2C Home Theater PC is elegantly designed and composed entirely of hand-crafted aluminum. This unit is as sleek in form as it is sturdy and reliable in function. Hairline finishing on the front panel and throughout the outside of the chassis adds simplicity to the design that allows it to be discreetly displayed in your living room with the rest of your AV equipment. In addition, rubber-soled aluminum audio feet keep vibration at a minimum while providing added ventilation through the bottom of the case. A high speed Internet connection and a Windows Vista operating platform is not only means for access to online media, but to your regular PC needs as well; meaning that the Moneual 932SB2C also serves as a fully functional desktop PC. Check email, surf the web, play online games, even use word processing software and view it all through your large screen TV. Make the most of your Internet connection in the Internet TV and Online Media section, organize your photos with transitional effects and music to create personalized photo slideshows, even categorize your music and movie collection by cover art and description. Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) are taken to a completely new level when played with booming surround sound and stunning visual on your big screen from the comfort of your couch. The 93SB2C not only includes a Blu- ray Disc Burner, but also 1TB of storage space to accommodate a massive collection of movies, music, photos, games, and more all for playback at 1080p quality connected via HDMI to your large screen TV. In addition, with the two internal ATI Digital Cable TV Tuner Cards or the ATSC TV Tuner Card, now can you record, pause, and rewind live HDTV. With support for multiple cable cards, you can also record two different shows from different channels at the same exact time.



  • 2.83GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Processor
  • 4096 MB DDR2-800 RAM
  • 1 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive, Blu-ray+RW Drive
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Wireless Keyboard and Remote included

User Reviews

Do not buy from this company. I bought this computer 3 months ago. It has been returned to them 4 times. They cannot get the drivers for the sound card to download, and, rather than replace the sound card or admit they have a problem, they simply continue to return the computer, claiming that it is fixed.

Also, the keyboard that you are buying with this computer does not fully function because, according to Moneual’s tech people, they don’t have upgraded drivers for the Vista operating system, let alone Windows 7 — something that they should obviously mention, as most people enjoy it when their electronics function in the year they bought them, not in the 1900’s. If you are thinking about falling back to using the remote, don’t bother, because the majority of the remote buttons don’t function either, which Moneual blames on the fact that they can’t get the sound drivers to download. Moneual’s “fix” for the remote and the keyboard was to offer to replace them when they had an update, and currently they 1) have no plans for an update and 2) can’t explain how that would help with the remote’s purported lack of sound drivers problem.

When I finally got tired of having the computer come back without sound, I insisted that they accept it as a return. Their “fix” was that I return it to Amazon. That might be reasonable if on the first round of returns to Moneual, they hadn’t kept the original packaging. When I pointed out the futility of trying to return to Amazon a product without the original packaging, they were unmoved, and, only after hours of my being relentless, did they finally agree not to return the computer for a refund but to replace the computer and provide a new warranty. However, true to their dishonest business practice, the evening before the exchange was to be made, they sent an email indicating that they would not be issuing a new warranty with the new computer. Here again, only with threats to report their behavior to Amazon, escalate it to contacting my credit card company to stop payment on the purchase, etc. did they finally relent. However, at this point, their final “relent” has yet to occur, so, who knows what change in position they have upcoming next.

Bottom line: unless you want to spend a good deal of money for a computer with hardware problems, most of which are admittedly known to the company, and they have no plans to fix, and put yourself in a position to deal with people who look at their guarantees and promises, oral and confirmed in writing, as a starting point to their negotiations, this is not the company for you. In fact, how much more clear can Moneual make it: they don’t have enough confidence in their own product to warranty it for 1 year.

I am amazed that Amazon does business with a company like this, as that has not been my Amazon experience, but this company is dishonest and akin to dealing with a sleeze at a swapmeet. — Dishonest Company


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