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Moneual 300 Series Slim Line Home Theater Chassis

“A great starting point for your new living room PC. The Moneual 300 series cases offer beautiful slim design yet highly practical internal design.

The Moneual 300 Series Home Theater PC chassis with their sleek yet sophisticated design are ideal for those looking for a more inconspicuous HTPC cut down in size, but not in function. Composed entirely of 100% hand-crafted aluminium, the chassis’ hide essential ports such as microphone, speaker jacks, USB and Firewire ports, as well as a multimedia card reader. The four rubber-soled aluminium audio feet add quality to the presentation, and intelligent venting systems built throughout the case encourage airflow to keep the system adequately cool for optimal performance.

Top Moneual 320; Bottom Moneual 312
Top Moneual 320; Bottom Moneual 312


  1. Low profile Home Theater chassis
  2. Accommodates micro ATX motherboards only
  3. Compatible with low profile cards and standard ATX PSUs
  4. Two thirds the depth of standard HTPC cases
  5. Includes Win7 remote control
  6. Elegant VFD display *
  • * 320 Black, 320 Silver only

The secret to Moneual’s chassis is the immense media storage space available. It is possible to install up to three 3½” hard drives. With larger and larger Hard Disk Drives becoming available to consumers at an alarming rate, who knows how much space the hard drives will ultimately be able to hold! High Definition, even Blu-Ray quality can all be stored onto your system, meaning that switching playback between different media has never been easier. With just the touch of a button, you can move from playing online music channels, to music from your music library, to pre-recorded television programs, to stored movies. The huge amount of storage space enables all your media to be accessible and available to you quickly and easily.

Size Matters Not!

Another unique feature of the cases is that they are two thirds the depth of standard home theatre chassis. This is ideal if space is restricted. You will be wrong in thinking that corners have been cut to make the chassis smaller. In fact even with this smaller size the chassis can still accommodate full size ATX PSUs and Micro ATX motherboards.

Product Differences

The 312 and the 320 are almost identical in every way. They are exactly the same size, they both accommodate Micro-ATX motherboards and standard ATX PSUs, they even have the same Win7 remote control. In fact the only difference between the two chassis is the front panel.

The 320 boasts a VFD for showing media information, while the 312 just has a long flap which hides the card reader along with the USB and other ports. These ports are also on the 320 but the type of ports have been cut down to just USB. The same can be said for the flash media it also supports.

If you are unsure which chassis to purchase, then the question that needs to be answered is whether or not you want to see any media information when playing movie or music files. Once you have your answer, you’ll know which chassis to buy!


  312 Black 312 Silver 320 Black 320 Silver
Dimension (mm) 355 x 432 x 105
Material Aluminium
M/B Type Micro ATX
PSU Type Standard ATX (not supplied) Standard ATX Standard ATX (not supplied)
Fan(s) 3 x 40mm fans (not supplied) None supplied but can accommodate 3 x 40mm fans 3 x 40mm fans (not supplied)
External 5.25″ Bay One
Internal 3.5″ Bay Three
Expansion Slots Four – Low Profile Type
Front Panel 2 x USB, 1 X IEEE, Mic and Headphone ports 2 x USB only
Weight 3.1 Kg 5.2Kg 3.1 Kg
Remote control included Yes
Warranty 24 months
External 3.5″ Bay One
Card Reader 7 in 1, CF, SD, MD, SM, MM, MS

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