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MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard With Optical Trackpad

It really does seem that the Home Theater PC marketplace is exploding with fresh and new products seemingly coming out of the woodwork to provide users with an even better, more refined and above all else easier to use HTPC environment!  Take the all new MIX Wireless Mini HTPC Keyboard Mouse for instance.  While it lacks some of the features found in the IOGear Mini keyboard we recently reviewed, this device does look extremely interesting.

Much like many HTPC mini keyboards, this device is a palm sized  2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard which only requires batteries and a free USB port to work.  However, instead of opting for the more typical (and traditional) trackball the MIX HTPC Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse has instead gone for an optical touchpad to allow you to interact more fully with your operating system wirelessly (it has a 7 – 10 meter range which should be perfect for most living rooms).  While it is a small touchpad, it does have all the standard features you would like such as gestures for page up/down, previous page, next page and the like.

The key to the potential success of this device is the fact that it not only crams all these features into one device, but that it does so while offering a footprint which is down right minuscule weighing it at 109 x 59 x 18mm and only 93 grams!  This means you literally can hold this keyboard in your two hands much like you would an Apple iPod touch 4.  This allows for not only a very intuitive feel, but also a very easy to use interface.  When you are done with its small size should make finding a safe place for it in a coffee table drawer also very easy.  Even better is the built in caddy for the nano receiver meaning that when not in use, you will never lose the darn thing.  With an asking price as small as its weight this $50 device may just win a place in your heart… or at least in your living room.


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