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Mini Slim RF Wireless Touchscreen Keypad For HTPC, IPTV, Car

Mini Slim RF Wireless Touchscreen Keypad For HTPC, IPTV, Car

Price: $33.90

1.Ideal for Lecturers, Meeting Presenters, Classroom Teachers, Sales People, or anyone usingoverhead projector to connect to their PCs. The miniwireless PC Keyboard and Mouse Touch Pad allows you to stand in front of your meeting to change slides, select screen options, write on the projected image, emphasize words and objects with dynamically inserted lines, draw on the projected image dynamically. 2.Good for people who want to watch Internet TV on their PC compatible TV, via broadband and a PC, like NBC*, ABC* FOX* and IPTV*, you can sit in your easy chair and select your viewing pleasures without walking to your computer to change channels or scroll through options .

Mini Slim RF Wireless Touchscreen Keypad For HTPC, IPTV, Car PC, MCE,Apple Ipad, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Projector


  • Wireless remote control of your PC up to 33ft. (10m),USB Dongle included to attach to your PC (Plug and Play, No software to install)
  • Enhanced Internet TV viewing with Remote Control”Just like your TV remote control”
  • Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations
  • Small compact design fits in the palm of your hand,QWERTY layout keypad,Backlit keyboard for convenient operation in darkened room
  • Large touch pad for mouse operation and handwriting (2″x 2-1/8″),Rechargeable via your USB port (No batteries needed)

User Reviews

Product performs as described. I am a light HTPC user. Works great for my limited use. — Godd Product

I purchased this key/touch pad for my HTPC. It’s size is perfect and that was my main reason for buying. It has surprised me with an impressive battery life between recharges. Some quirks you have to get used to are the auto standby mode. A double click and some delay will resume it’s active mode. I am not impressed with the lack of touch pad tap sensitivity and it is not possible to adjust to not inadvertently opening things I am moving the cursor past. If I were to offer one change it would be to have a sensitivity adjust for the touchpad or just simply turn it off since the mouse buttons are right there anyway. — Good overall – no touchpad adjustment

Perfect for a HTPC the keys get some getting use to. The only bad feature is it falls asleep to fast. It takes a number of hits on a certain key to wake it up. better off shutting it off and on. To bad it does not have a motion sensor like some remotes. — HAPPY I PURCHASED IT

I’ve been using this device with my living room HTPC for four months now. I wanted something smaller than a full-size KB without having to pay over $100 (a la the Dinovo Mini). As a mouse replacement / point-and-click device, it does a pretty good job. However, it seems the mouse pad seems to fall asleep quickly. I frequently have to turn it off and back on. Since it has keyboard functions, you can type in commands or URLs; just be patient. However, certain things are irritatingly difficult. For example, CTRL-ALT-DEL takes a few contortions. Also, the range isn’t as far as I’d hoped. If I put the dongle in the back, reception is about 30% shorter. Even with it in front, I still have to be within 10-12 feet of the thing to get great reception. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get a proper HTPC keyboard. — Petty good, but…

This is a neat little device. I’m using it as a remote for my Mac Mini (which is employed as a media server) and it’s perfect. If you’re planning to use this for any normal data entry, forget it–it is WAAAAY too small. But for turning on iTunes, typing in web addresses, etc, it works like a champ.

It’s probably even smaller than you think–maybe 1/3 wider than an iPhone. The touchpad works well, and no glitches with the keyboard noticed yet. Range appears good, but I haven’t pushed the limits to see how far it will go (the couch-to-TV distance is well within its limits).

It is indeed Mac compatible, but it’s like any other non-Mac USB keyboard in that it doesn’t have the Apple command keys. That’s a bit of a hassle, but certainly manageable (I’m not a `Mac person,’ so there might be some trick commands that don’t work as well, but I’m not aware of them). It took a few minutes to get it installed on the Mac Mini while the computer searched in vain for the keyboard type, but entering the generic `American’ keyboard when that option finally came up worked fine.

Definitely recommend this product for similar, limited-use applications. — Perfect for my application


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