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Microsoft wants your living room to be the setting for the game you are playing

Microsoft remains ambitious in its plans for future motion detection system, Kinect. The accessory, which started as a simple add-on for the Xbox 360, has become synonymous of innovation in different professional fields, including NASA, or studies related to medicine. In the world of video games, a segment where the product was born, we have not had many changes in its functions, however, a new Microsoft patent talks of something really big and spectacular approaches to the delight of gamers.

The Redmond giant has sent a document to the office of U.S. patents, requesting a patent for a system designed for the next console from Microsoft (for now, known as Xbox 720), together with a second version of the Kinect, would use a technology capable of creating 3D elements within the living room of our house, or where the console is installed.

This means that a device that works with the console and the motion capture system would project images on the physical space where the player is creating the spot the game scenario. This idea can be defined by me in one word: Fascinating.

Not only images could be created. Every living room could become the scene of the game, and the player may be surrounded by thematic elements of the game. That would add a sense of reality as we’ve never seen before, and that’s what Microsoft wants. However, please note that the fact that the Redmond company seeking registration of a patent does not mean that the technology is ready, even if it is in the process of development, but surely they are thinking about it.

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