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Microsoft Prepares the Future of TV: it will be Kinect Integrated

Microsoft’s vision on its product Kinect, originally purely for gaming, it shows progressively more ambitious. The idea to include the camera in Microsoft’s next-generation TV is therefore very attractive and there is no doubt that this kind of introduction would open up new possibilities of interaction.

Currently, Microsoft would be in talks with several TV manufacturers, including Sony, to launch its technology in the field. The main features of these TVs would become the future of the freedom of interaction through voice and gestures recognized by Kinect sensors. We do not even exclude the possibility that TV could be able to recognize individuals who have in front and retrieve the stored shows he is following.

According to the The Daily magazine, the¬†operation of the this television will occur in conjunction with a Windows 8 PC. The presence of an “eye” in each TV will certainly leave some doubts (especially for those who have read Orwell’s 1984), however, Microsoft’s vision to push a gaming product beyond its current target is fascinating and easy to imagine.

Microsoft Kinect is the consumer electronics that solds faster: units purchased today amount to more than 10 million.

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