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Microsoft Mouse Without Borders – Control Multiple Computers With A Mouse

Like the policy of Google 80/20, where employees are allowed to work on their dream projects in 20% of the their working hours, Microsoft has The Garage, an initiative by Microsoft to promote innovation among employees. Often, the projects of the garage remain internal, but some that do not fall into the category of Microsoft products, Microsoft employees can share them with family and friends, or at some point it launches as a public download.

Microsoft Mouse Without Borders is one of those products from Microsoft “the garage”.

Had you ever worked with two or more computers, even in the same workplace? Perhaps through the use of a desktop and a laptop computer, at the same time. If you did, you had to face it with two keyboards and a mouse or touchpad on each computer. It is not very useful, especially if the space is limited on the workstation.

Microsoft Mouse Without Borders is a tool for Windows to use a mouse on multiple computers in the same network. This way you can use a mouse on both a desktop PC and a laptop, if both computers are connected to the same network and Microsoft Mouse Without Border is installed on all computers.

It is necessary to install the software on all computers you want to control with a single mouse. To start the program for the first time you are prompted that if you had installed the program on another computer on the network. If you click Yes, a message asking you for the security code and the name of the computer for the connection.

If you select the option no, a security code is generated and displayed next to the name of the team.

You must then repeat the steps for all the computers you want to control with a mouse. Please note that the Microsoft Mouse Without Borders is limited to four PCs that can be controlled with a single mouse

Once configured, you can use the mouse on all PCs as if it were a single desktop. You can move the mouse between the PC and the work in each team individually without having to change input devices.

An interesting feature is the ability to drag and drop files from one computer to another this way. Just select the files on a computer and drag and drop to copy or move to the second PC.

Additional options include blocking or activating all the computers at the same time. Here is a video that demonstrates it’s capabilities.

Microsoft Mouse Without Borders is an application of the draft of Microsoft “The Garage”, in which Microsoft employees join after working to build and invent. The program can be download of the Microsoft Technet web site.

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