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Microsoft MCE Remote


Discontinued? Cheap, reliable, great software support and blasters function well. It’s no multiremote but if all you want is to turn the TV and amp on/off and control the volume it’s perfectly possible using the blasters and the remotes IR learning. Microsoft has had a couple of different versions of this remote: GBPVR Wiki.

Price: 30$

Extra functions: Two IR Blasters. PC Power. Possibility to learn three IR commands on the remote itself like for ex: TV on/off and volume.

Software support: Native support in most HTPC frontends. Works with most of the control software above but you usually need to use the MCE Replacement driver or edit a registry key to make it work. Intelliremote and LM Remote Keymap can use the standard drivers so there’s no extra installation involved.

Reviews: Newegg

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