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Microsoft Keyflex: a twistable keyboard

To use the computer differently, a designer has created a modern device that can replace the conventional keyboard. Microsoft Keyflex addresses computing in a simple but fun way.

Instead of pressing buttons on the keyboard, this new kind works differently. Designed for entertainment, such as an HTPC, it is a flexible device that the user can bend, twist or squeeze. It can also act as an universal remote to control the TV. Each movement results in an order. So the fact of the bending up or down it will increase or decrease the volume. By repeating the same gestures while holding a button, it triggers fast forward of a movie. Simply twist to pause.

In its smooth surface is an E-ink touch screen and a piezoelectric actuator. The language, the size and the keyboard itself are customizable. Finally, press the side buttons correspond to “share” and “like” on social networks.

In prototype phase, the brains behind Microsoft Keyflex is the young Swedish designer Victor Johansson.

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