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Microsoft: a Xbox TV in 2013?

According to information from the The Verge website, Microsoft is currently developing a new box to connect the TV to come out in 2013.

Called Xbox TV, the new device would be a “cheap alternative to the Xbox”, according to several sources who have knowledge of Microsoft’s plans. To “offer consumers a choice between the new case and the next generation of Xbox,” Microsoft provides that this new device running under a specific version of Windows 8 is compatible with games of casual gaming type. In addition, the new box could be directly integrated into TVs.

Invited to respond to the rumor by The Verge, Microsoft has not directly denied, merely to say that the company “always think the next evolution of [their] platform and how to continue to challenge the life cycle” of the Xbox 360.

Yet it is not the first rumor about the objectives of Microsoft’s consoles. Last week, the Xbox World magazine had published the characteristics that could be those of the next Xbox. In addition, the Redmond company could also develop a 7-inch tablet, the Xbox Surface dedicated to video games.

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