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Medion Akoya E2006D Review

 Announced as an ultra compact in the marketing blurb, we’re not really sure this is accurate. It is much more compact than a standard PC but gigantic compared to the Acer and Asus minis. It is almost 4 Kg in weight and is 5 times the size.

This “mini” is relatively noisy overall. The fans kick in when it is transferring files or processing with the CPU. It isn’t a turbine but you can hear it and it is not as quiet as the competition.

It has the following connectivity: 6 USBs, 1 VGA, 1 RJ45 and 8 mini jacks (2 at the front and 6 at the back) and 1 memory card reader. According to the manufacturer, the VGA out is likely to be replaced by a DVI on the models coming out as of mid-September. To this, add the DVD burner that you won’t find on the Acer and Asus minis (see inset).

  • 320 GB hard drive
  • DVD burner
  • 6 USBs
  • Easy access to components
  • Larger than the Eee PC or Revo
  • Poor CPU and graphics chip performance
  • Can’t handle heavy HD video
  • Noisier than the competition


The advantage of this mini is its DVD burner. Otherwise it is more or less equal to the Revo or the Eee Box except in terms of size: this Medion is much bigger.
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