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MediaPortal 1.3 final version has arrived

After a few short months of waiting between the Beta and RC, the MediaPortal Media Center software is now available in its 1.3.0 final version, and changes in this new version are more consistent as we had previously been able to glimpse.


The Media Portal 1.3 now has a new Titan skin specially adapted to 1080p Full HD at 16/9. For 720p at 16/9 displays, default skins will be most suitable. We also note the full compatibility with Windows 8, and native support for Blu-ray, but still no Java menus, a system issue that the MP Team tries to correct. A new “MPAR”  (MediaPortal Audio Renderer) also appeared to improve the management of codecs and can play 23.976 FPS 25 FPS videos. It is also possible to install all the LAV filters.

Numerous bug fixes have also been applied since the last version, they are visible on the Change Log.

You can download the Media Portal 1.3.

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