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MediaPortal 1.1.2 released

While the development of MediaPortal 1.2.0 progresses better than expected, the MP team continues to maintain MediaPortal 1.1.x with this new 1.1.2 hot fix release.

This release fixes a memory leak which was present in the 1.1.1 version, along with a few other issues.

List of changes:

  • 0003196: [Skin Engine] Memory Leak in Texture Manager
  • 0003065: [TvServer] Spawned processes pop-up hidden “Run as…” dialog
  • 0002926: [TvPlugin] No instant switch to prev/next channel after resuming a paused live TV

Installation notes:

You can upgrade your existing 1.1.x installation to 1.1.2.

There were no changes which require an update of an installed extension, either skin or plugin.


.::. MediaPortal 1.1.2 .::.


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